Chef Diao Chinese restaurant

About Us

Chef Diao is an authentic Chinese restaurant located in the Northern Quarter on Oldham Street. Whilst Chef Diao’s dim sum appears simple, each dish has remarkable depth of flavour. The pork and prawn sui mai are as good as any in China, as expected from Diao’s 30 years of experience. Chef Diao’s chinese cuisine emphasises the integrity of colour, fragrance and taste in its food, all included in its all-inclusive menu catered your needs no matter how picky you are. Its warm and welcoming environment makes it family-friendly and a great place for a social hangout. A visit to Chef Diao’s will definitely satisfy your needs and give you an experience that will transport you to southern China!

Company Culture

1. Purpose: Being gorgeous, life is more beautiful;

2. Vision: Create a high-quality beauty industry alliance;

3. Spirit: Sincere and sincere, gold and stone are open;

4. Policy: Professionalism, Diligence and Sharing;

5. Concept: strong alliance, sincere forever;

6. Soul: Tree people with virtue and moving people with love;

7. Call: Serve the world and be happy for thousands of families;